Digestion is a function of the body that works endlessly without us being aware of it. Many people wrongly assume that digestion occurs only once we’ve eaten, but the process continues day and night to process the solids that we’ve eaten, distribute the vitamins and minerals around the body and push the toxins out. A strong digestive system is needed to process the complex substances vital for our survival. 

The process of digestion begins when we put foods in to our mouth and enzymes begin to break down the food particles into a form that can be processed by the body. It is both the mechanical and chemical breakdown of what’s put in to our body. Once the food passes down the oesophagus and into the stomach this mechanical process continues while acids and chemicals begin to kill the microorganisms that could be harmful and then pushes it through to the small intestine. Here, 95% of absorption of nutrients occurs before food is pushed to the large intestine and then eliminated. 

The whole process is controlled by not only the organs, but the nervous system and various digestive hormones. 

So why does the system go askew? 

Chiropractors and other natural health practitioners have long recognised that hormone imbalances have been known to affect how food is digested in the body, when the brain is fed the wrong information as to how many enzymes to release. In addition poor quality food can cause gases and fermenting which makes it difficult for the body to process nutrients, fats and minerals appropriately. Medications and drugs can also affect the natural digestive processes of the body and can wreak havoc in the system. 

In addition, strenuous factors such as stress, eating too fast, eating overly processed foods, and cold liquids drunk at the same time as eating, can all have a negative impact on the digestive system and process. 

Poor digestion can be manifested through bloating, constipation, ulcers, belly aches, excessive gas or heartburn and general discomfort. Mechanical pressure from the diaphragm muscle which surrounds the oesophagus can also aggravate digestive symptoms, and this often responds very well to chiropractic care

The first (and best) place to start for peak digestive health is to ensure that all the body’s functions are working to their best and in sync. Regular chiropractic care can ensure that the body’s nervous system is uninterrupted and therefore provides the best level of function to the body’s cells, organs, glands and operating systems. In addition, it can help to correct misalignments in the spine which may be putting undue physical pressure on parts of the body and hence affecting how they function. Furthermore, maintaining a healthy diet and regular exercise are great ways to boost digestive health and keep the body regular.

Walkerville Chiropractic in Adelaidehas seen some fantastic results in addressing digestive problems in our patients, as well as boosting their overall immune system and their body’s natural functions. If you have any problems or concerns regarding your digestion, please do not hesitate to speak to one our chiropractors at your next appointment. We are happy to suggest treatment methods, make dietary recommendations and lifestyle suggestions that will benefit you and your family in the long-term.