Is there a good chiropractor near me?

Is there a good chiropractor near me? 

Dr Goran Mladenovic and the award winning team at Walkerville Chiropractic have been proud members of our local communities for 17 years. Our chiropractic clinic has served the people of Walkerville, North Adelaide, St Peters and many other suburbs around the City of Adelaide during that time. 

We realise that having a back injury, a neck injury, a headache or any other physical health complaint  is never an enjoyable experience. However, our goal is to make the process of recovering from the injury as pleasant and convenient as possible. 

Our convenient location in the inner suburb of Walkerville gives excellent proximity to the city and North Adelaide, for those clients that need to come in on their commute to work. Our off street parking behind the clinic also means that you won’t face the hassle of trying to find a car park in the Adelaide CBD for your appointment. For those that live and work in Walkerville, Payneham, Prospect or St Peters or other nearby areas, we’re only a few short minutes away. 

Our reception staff are trained to welcome you and orientate you on your first visit to the clinic. Our existing patients love to catch up with our friendly staff during future visits to the clinic. The environment at Walkerville Chiropractic is designed for comfort and enjoyment. If you want to relax with a coffee and a magazine before your appointment, these are provided for you.

Dr Goran will spend around 30 minutes with you during your first appointment, where he will discuss the history of your problem and thoroughly assess you. If you need further diagnostic testing, we have the equipment on site to conduct it on the spot in most cases, eliminating the delays associated with being referred out for further evaluations before commencing treatment. 

We aim to build long term relationships with our patients, based on trust and top level service. Many of our patients have used us for their various chiropractic care needs for over 15 years. They trust us to help them make the most of their body’s ability to recover from injury and illness. 

We care about our community, and have proudly supported a range of organisations in the past, including the RSPCA, Animal Welfare League, Gepps Cross Football Club, Walkerville Cricket Club, Walkerville Softball Club, The Smith Family and the Salvation Army. These organisations also provide a valuable service to members of our community, young and old, two legged and four legged. 

If you have recently found yourself in the position where you needed to ask “Is there a good chiropractor near me?”, we would be more than happy to be that chiropractor, and help you recover as fully as possible.