How Chiropractic Can Assist Neck Pain

Neck pain is one of the most common problems that we see in chiropractic practice.

The muscles joining the base of the skull to the vertebral bones in the neck have among the highest concentration of nerve receptors in the body that convey critical sensory information about movement and posture to important brain centres. Abnormal joint mechanics in this region can cause the brain to express abnormal pain behaviour.

Chiropractors are well trained to recognise the different types of neck pain, and we have a range of techniques at our disposal to identify the cause of the neck pain and also to decide on the safest and most effective way to correct the problem that’s causing it. 

Many people put up with some degree of neck pain or stiffness that arises due to their faulty work posture. This type of pain tends to gradually get worse over time if ignored, and can speed up degenerative changes in the neck.

Some people can wake up with a wry neck and are suddenly unable to move their neck at all. This is a very different situation that requires a different technical approach to reduce the pain as quickly as possible.

Whatever the situation, chiropractors spend a great deal of our training learning how to safely and effectively correct problems in the neck. After a detailed case history, your neck will be moved through its range of motion, and we will feel for the position and movement of the bones and joints in your neck. Once we’ve identified the problem, the correct technique will be chosen to make any necessary adjustments.

Many studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of chiropractic care for neck pain. It’s important to ensure that the neck is kept in a good state because it’s one of the most common sites for degenerative arthritis that we see clinically, particularly with the kinds of postures that most of us are developing these days.

A simple test can be just to turn your head side to side. If you can’t get your nose around to your shoulder, then your neck is losing its normal range of movement. If you’re finding that you often feel stiff through the neck and shoulders, or are waking up with difficulty moving your neck, a chiropractic check-up would be a very good idea.

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