Healthy Eating Habits

Through history, food and drink have become a mode of celebration, sharing and festivity. As time has passed, what we consume has changed drastically – from the pure agricultural produce of many centuries passed to the genetically modified and fast-food options of today.

What you eat and drink has an enormous effect on your body’s ability to function at its best. Eating well can enhance virtually every aspect of your wellbeing from mental function to physical performance.

However, making the ‘right’ choice for you can be challenging given the overload of information, theories, diets and ‘expert’ opinions projected today. One thing to keep in mind is that the requirements for a healthy and balanced diet are the same for virtually everyone, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to choose the foods that make you feel good and keep you energised.

Eating well is also about making a permanent change to your way of life. The changes and decisions you make regarding your diet need to be long-term.  A helpful way to approach this is to think of foods as pure, fresh and varied.

Look for organic foods, free of: Pesticides, Flavourings, Added colour, Artificial chemicalsLook for produce that is in season: Canned and preserved foods, lose nutritional content. Fresh fruit and vegetable are rich in water and are easily digestible. These are essential for function and removal of waste products.A balanced diet is the key: Eat a combination of foods. Don’t cut out fats and proteinsEating fruit and veggies of varied colours helps to give you a variety of vitamins and minerals. This keeps your diet interesting.

Finding enjoyment in what you eat is also an important part of maintaining a positive approach to a change in lifestyle.

If you can, try and avoid eating food on the run – sit down and enjoy your meal.  It will also help your body digest the food and will stop you from overeating as it takes time for the body to register how full you really are.  Don’t be afraid to experiment with foods and try and find time to cook for yourself so you’re aware of what you’re eating and how it was made.

This approach to healthy living and eating is something that the team at Walkerville Chiropractic encourage and promote, especially if you’re looking to improve your fitness or lose weight.  A high-quality range of natural supplements popular with Adelaide chiropractors and naturopaths is also available for those who struggle to get enough of certain minerals and vitamins through their diet.