How Chiropractic Can Assist Foot and Leg Problems

The feet and ankles are a very important component of the body’s balance and proprioceptive systems. Your vertical body weight needs to be translated onto a horizontal surface, and it needs to be distributed efficiently throughout the network of load bearing joints. The average human takes 10 000 steps per day, and if the system is faulty, then this will be compounded greatly over time.

A simple test can be to look at someone’s feet and ankles from the rear. Do their ankles follow a straight line through their leg bone? Does one or both of them buckle inwards or outwards? A deviation of this type can indicate that the supportive structures are not distributing their weight correctly through the joint network.

Another simple test is to watch someone standing on one leg. Do they hold their hips level or does one sag down? Once again, this gives the chiropractor valuable information regarding how the weight distribution is working.

At Walkerville Chiropractic, we take a whole body approach to problems that are more complicated, and work with you by giving you advice on self-care, stretching and exercises that can give you the maximum benefit.

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