Information Technology

Instant Digital X Rays

In today’s busy society, we realise that no one has time to be sent to a radiology centre, where they have to schedule another appointment on another day to have their x rays taken, and then wait a few more days for the results to be sent back to the clinic before they can start treatment.

At Walkerville Chiropractic, we have our own digital x ray facilities on the premises, which means that if you require* x rays to be taken, they can be done on the spot. In addition, because the images can be seen instantly, there are no delays if we need to commence care urgently. This gives you the convenience you need from a state of the art chiropractic clinic.

There are other benefits to be had from this system. If you find yourself in trouble while you’re travelling away from Adelaide, you may need to see someone urgently. We can electronically send your x ray images to you or to the other clinic quickly, so that you don’t face any delays in getting the care that you need, without compromising your safety (as the chiropractor will have all of your diagnostic information), or burdening you with additional costs of having new images taken.

In addition, what do most people do with x-ray films in hard copy? Probably put them on top of the wardrobe or under the bed before throwing them out when you move house ten years later. At Walkerville Chiropractic, we store your images electronically, and can retrieve them at any time, so you need not worry about losing them or needing to keep hard copies yourself. This is especially valuable if we need to monitor structural changes over time if your problems recur down the track.

* Walkerville Chiropractic acknowledges and adheres to the Diagnostic Imaging Policies recommended by the Chiropractors Board of Australia as published in Appendix 2 of the Code of Conduct (March 2014)

Posture Analysis Software

While most people first come to a chiropractor because they have some type of pain, it is important to realise that the pain is not the problem. The pain is the symptom which the brain uses to alert you of an underlying pathology or functional problem, and the resolution of that problem is the most effective way of helping you. You can take other measures to relieve pain (like pain killing medication), but please understand that these will not affect structural or functional problems even though they may give you some pain relief.

For this reason, at Walkerville Chiropractic, we don’t rely on pain alone to determine whether your problem has improved. We utilise a range of functional tests to assess how well your body is performing certain activities. One of these is our posture recording software, which gives you a visual representation of your posture that we can use to measure your progress over time. This can be emailed to you directly for your own records. If you adhere to your chiropractors recommendations (which may include home exercises), then we look forward to seeing improvement in a number of functional areas, rather than just getting short term pain relief.

Paperless Record Keeping

The days of scribbling illegible notes onto bits of paper or file cards are thankfully over. All of our treatment rooms are equipped with computer software that enables your chiropractor to review all of your treatment history at any time, including any forms you have completed, and any x rays you have had taken. We can easily track which techniques give you the best outcomes, and continually refine your chiropractic care so that you can enjoy the results you want.

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