Poor Posture in Children Today

Research from the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia has shown that children as young as three are developing poor posture – all due to their increased use of electronic devices.

The recent study surveyed around 600 members of the public, as well as 126 chiropractors. The results were strongly indicative of a strong relationship between technology use and bad posture.

Traditionally, bad posture has been developed at later stages in life, either in high school or in working-age Australians. However, do to the increased use of laptops, hand-held gaming consoles, and mobile device technology, those suffering from back problems are getting increasingly younger.

At Walkerville Chiropractic we commonly see cases of forwarding head posture, uneven hips, and round shoulders among heavy users, and this is increasingly becoming the case. The explanations for this are quite simple, also. As children sit, hunched over, this leads to them leaning forward and predisposes them to a variety of back and joint problems. Ultimately, over time, this can lead to nervous system damage which results in a decreased functioning capability of the body’s processes.

In addition to these worrying results, the Chiropractors Association found that half of all Australians use their laptops more than they did five years ago and at least a third have significantly increased their use of mobile technologies.

While we cannot deny that these devices have become an integral part of our society, we do advise that children and parents be more vigilant about the ways in which they use their technologies. Chiropractors at Adelaide’s Walkerville Chiropractic realize that it is unrealistic to expect people to stop using them altogether, but rather to avoid sitting hunched over for long periods of time and to take regular breaks in the event that you use a computer for an extended period.

In addition, regular exercise can help strengthen the muscles and help in developing good core strength to help with posture. Your Adelaide chiropractor is able to check your child’s spine periodically while they are growing to assess whether their posture and exercise habits are giving them the best possible postural development.

And while this is true for children, it is also applicable to adults. Prolonged use of handheld devices and many hours at the laptop can easily contribute to musculoskeletal pain syndromes. Your chiropractor can provide useful advice that can help prevent bad postural (and health) habits to make their way into our day-to-day routines.