Choosing a Women’s Multivitamin

Adelaide chiropractors have long espoused the view that general multivitamins are excellent for boosting levels of minerals and vitamins that we might not get enough of through our diet. The market is jam-packed with so many different products – all promising great things and with different active ingredients. While a general multivitamin is great for both men and women, considering the different hormonal levels within our bodies, the different functions our organs serve and often, different lifestyles, it makes sense that men and women should take different supplements.

We’ve compiled a list of importance things to consider when choosing a women’s multi:


During menstruation, women lose iron which sometimes cannot be solely replenished through diet. This also leads to an increase in the rate of iron-anaemic cases in the female population and is an excellent reason for women to consider boosting their iron levels. 


This is one of the key areas where men’s and women’s health differ. Menopause generally occurs over the age of 50, though there is no way of predicting when the onset with begin. The hormonal changes in the body generally mean bone degradation and a depletion in levels of vitamin D in the female body. These are important for overall wellbeing and therefore are important supplements in women’s diets to build up and maintain bone health. 


A general multivitamin for women ensure that a better level of health is maintained at all times. This is especially important for women who are hoping to conceive, and for those that are pregnant. Folic acid is highly recommended for foetal bone development, however these are commonly sold separately. A general women’s multivitamin is however, excellent in boosting post-natal health and helping to the body bounce back from pregnancy.

Generally speaking, women’s multivitamins are rich in iron, calcium, vitamin D and all the usual vitamins and minerals that are supplemented. 

Walkerville Chiropractic stocks a great female multivitamin produced by Metagenics called Femme Essentials. We’ve seen some great results ourselves and have heard great things from our patients. It is rich in all the essential nutrients that healthy women need. 

However, it’s important to remember that taking supplements is not enough for good health. Vitamins and minerals are best received by the body when they are taken in their natural form, i.e. through foods and drink. 

As well as this, it’s important to keep fit and healthy and maintain a healthy diet. Regular chiropractic care can also help to promote the best in health, by helping the nervous and immune system to work to the maximum potential. 

If you have any questions regarding women’s health issues or multivitamins, the chiropractors here at Walkerville Chiropractic are more than happy to advise the best treatment and supplementation options. Please don’t hesitate to ask us at your next consultation!