Migraines vs. Headaches

Headaches throughout life are extremely common, with every person experiencing them at least once. However, not all people experience migraines, though some may be experiencing them without actually being aware of them. 

So what’s the difference between a headache and a migraine?

Migraines are generally far more debilitating than a headache and are generally characterized by their severity and often nausea. Women are three times more susceptible than men. 

A typical migraine generally only affects one side of the head at a time and is commonly reported to be of a pulsating nature, lasting anywhere between four and 72 hours and usually occur multiple times in a month. Different to a normal headache, symptoms of migraine can include nausea, vomiting, light and sound sensitivity and are aggravated by regular activity. Other common symptoms include blurred vision, loss of appetite, paleness, fatigue, dizziness and “aura” (this is the sensation of seeing bright flashing lights, dots, blind spots, wavy or jagged lines – usually prior to onset). 

The triggers of a migraine are varied and not always clear. The foods we eat, hormonal levels, monthly cycles, genetics, medicines or even stressors can have a massive effect on whether we suffer migraines and the treatment options. 

Traditional medicine has always veered towards preventing and treating the condition with medications, however alternative therapies have been shown to be just as effective. 

Misalignments in the vertebral column can often irritate the nerves that travel the length of the spine to the brain, causing chemical imbalances, inflammation and pain through the body. Chiropractors use spinal adjustments to address and correct these issues, which can in turn help to support pain relief and prevention of severe headaches and migraines long-term. 

Further to this, our chiropractors are able to provide you with genuine advice to promote general health and wellbeing through diet and exercise and prevent any further problems. 

Regular chiropractic care also serves to boost the body’s natural immune and nervous system functions, helping them to achieve an optimum level of function. Continued care builds a strong foundation for lifelong health and wellness for both yourself and your family. 

If you have any questions or concerns about migraines and headaches, please don’t hesitate to raise them during your next consultation.