Whether we realise it or not, toxins are a part of our everyday life. While they may be a frequent occurrence in our environment, they can disrupt the function of our body and stop us from performing at our best. They come in the way of things like heavy metals, pesticides, chemicals, food additives, medications, supplements, pollutants or simple filters in the food and water we consume. They also occur within the body, unbalancing the good balance of bacteria and yeasts that are produced naturally (usually within the digestive system).

The Metagenics range that we stock here at Walkerville Chiropractic offers one of the most comprehensive and effective detoxification programs for rapidly improving the state of your health. It helps to clear toxins from the body and leaves you feeling healthier and replenished.

It is always important to discuss your plans for detox with your chiropractor first, as they may be able to advise you of the best plan for your, any immediate risks to your health and go through how a detox works in more detail.

The natural supplements in the Metagenics range support your body and help it detoxify, allowing your body’s detoxification and repair system to function efficiently and without the unwanted side-effects.

The Metagenics Integrated Detoxification Program works by:

  • Removing toxin exposure through dietary and lifestyle changes;
  • Removing bad bacteria and waste from your digestive system;
  • Renewing your digestive lining and the healthy bacteria to improve your
    digestive function; and
  • Releasing your body’s toxins so they can be eliminated.

There are however, shorter detoxification programs, which last for about two weeks, are available and should get you back feeling great after some indulgence.

As mentioned, it’s important to consider your personal circumstances before undertaking a detoxification program. Pregnancy, existing medical prescriptions and the known side-effects should be taken into account as potential risk factors.

If you are thinking of undertaking a detox program, or would just like some general advice on staying healthy and keeping your body as active and healthy as you can, please don’t hesitate to talk to any of our chiropractors during your next consultation!