Chiropractic Adjustment – What is a Spinal Adjustment?

A chiropractor will treat vertebral subluxations by way of a spinal adjustment.

To do that, the Chiropractor applies simple pressure to the bone and restores it to its normal pattern of movement, freeing up the vertebrae, and allowing it the room to align itself correctly.

Many people believe that the chiropractor forces or pushes a vertebra back into alignment, but only an individual’s own body will know for sure the correct positioning of each bone. With freedom of movement, the body can do its job and ease them back into the correct position.

Unfortunately, if the vertebrae have been out of alignment for some time, the muscles connected to subluxated vertebrae become locked in their positions and tend to pull the bone back out of alignment. This is why it may take several chiropractic visits before the adjustment “holds,” and the bone settles into its proper position.

Different Adjusting Techniques

If you were to ask different people to describe their chiropractic adjustments, you may get many different answers. There are many adjusting techniques to choose from to suit the needs of an individual.

Chiropractors will have their patients either sit up or lie down for certain adjustments. Some use elaborate tables with moveable parts, while others use stationary tables. They may use a certain technique on a particular visit and something completely different the next.

Each chiropractor and each patient is different. Each has differing needs and even their size and weight is a consideration. Every subluxation is also unique and may require a completely tailored approach.
It’s the role of the chiropractor to select the technique that will most effectively correct the subluxation with minimal force or effort. It’s a learned “art” requiring skill and training, rather than pure strength.

Will it Hurt?

Most adjusting techniques use gentle pressure and minimal force, so few patients feel any discomfort. Frequently, however, patients will hear popping sounds, which are just tiny pockets of air being released, and is completely normal.

Apart from the sounds, the adjustment should not be painful, unless a person involuntarily stiffens because they’re finding it difficult to relax. Even so, there would only be minimal discomfort. Chiropractic adjustments, overall, are a very gentle form of treatment.

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