Chiropractic Clinic – Are You Choosing the Right Chiropractor?

Just because the local Adelaide chiropractic clinic is close to home, doesn’t necessarily mean they’re the ideal chiropractor. Adelaide is a small city, so take your time in finding the chiropractor that best meets your needs – After all, they’re an important member of your personal wellness team. So, to find the best match for you, give some thought to the following:

1. What are your first impressions when phoning or visiting the Chiropractic clinic?

Because the reception staff are usually your first point of contact and reflect the values of the clinic, take note of how you’re treated. Do they greet you warmly and take an interest in helping you? Are they friendly and efficient, showing respect and kindness? Do they make you feel comfortable that you’ve made the right choice?
Are the rooms welcoming and do they “feel” right to you? Is the chiropractor friendly, respectful, and accommodating to all your needs and questions, providing you with the emotional support that you need in a medical provider?

2. Does the Chiropractor respect your time?

You’re time is incredibly valuable – when it is gone, you can’t get it back. So, when choosing your Chiropractor, find a practice that is respectful of your time and can keep to an appointment schedule. Understandably, in any medical practice, things can sometimes be delayed, particularly if a patient needs extra treatment or has many questions. However, it’s important that the Chiropractor and staff keep you informed when delays occur. If a Chiropractor really respects you as a patient, they’ll respect your time as well, which will reflect in the way they’re able to quickly and efficiently get you through your visit.

3. Does the Chiropractor inform you about your Well-being?

Because many people don’t know exactly how Chiropractic care works and what kind of problems can be addressed, education becomes an important role of the Chiropractor. Your Chiropractor should have your well being as their highest priority, and be able to teach you about their findings, and work with you to provide options for your treatment goals, without feeling pressured to have any treatment with which you may not be comfortable.

4. Is your condition improving?

Does your Chiropractor seem eager to help you get better quickly, and empower you to take care of yourself in the future? Is your condition getting better as a result of the treatments? For most people there should be a noticeable improvement within several weeks of care, and some will see improvement even sooner.

Your chiropractor is a partner in your health care, and as such it’s important to find someone you feel you can trust to best meets your needs. Certainly at Walkerville Chiropractic – Chiropractor Adelaide, we’re confident that you’ll be making the right decision!

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